Nicky is a harmonica playing, magician at heart who was raised on the north end of Grand Rapids. (Okay, so maybe she isn’t that good at playing the harmonica, but practice makes perfect… we hope.) The first 20 years of her working career were spent in dress clothes and high heels working the 9-5 grind. These days she sports flip flops from April to October and can be seen most days with a pub t-shirt on and some very dirty fingernails.
Nicky was a long time customer of J’s Fresh Flower Market, and on a beautiful day in May, 2017 she stopped into the shop and learned it was for sale. Later that night when she had an ice cold beer in hand she sprung the idea on her husband. Nicky wanted to buy J’s Fresh Flower Market. His first response to her was “go for it!”. After making sure she wasn’t crazy, she talked to her son, their family and some friends, and she decided to go for it! According to Nicky it was and continues to be the best professional decision she has ever made and could not be happier.
Nicky has a passion for fun, loves to be creative and enjoys sharing her craft with the community. She loves hosting private parties, how-to classes, and networking with other local businesses. When Nicky isn’t spending time at the shop she loves to fill the extra time with family and friends, Titos in hand and a harmonica in her pocket ready to be played anytime.

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it all started with my camera.

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